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UnInformed Consent Episode I – “Mercury a Slow Death” VHS includes:

  • Debate at the King County Board of Health
  • Current research
  • What efforts are being made for protection
  • Opinion and food for thought
  • Resources to find your local legislators
  • Bonus materials

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“What Really Happened At the IOM – online”
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“Deadly Immunity” – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Full story

Early Feb. 20, 2000 unreleased version
of Verstraeten Study
see PDF file

 “Embargoed” Transcript from the Simpsonwood Meeting June 7-8, 2000 in Norcross, Georgia held by CDC Topic: Link between Mercury and Autism
see PDF file

Nov. 2003 Version of Verstraeten Study published in Pediatrics Nov. 2003 with watered down data.
see PDF file

Trailer for Institute of Medicine hearing Feb 2004
see AVI file

Verstraeten’s direct response to complaints in Pediatrics
see PDF file

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"Insurance Fraud - Public Sector Scam Artists or Your Own Insurance Company?"

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